The Process Of Bail Bonds In Walnut

Bail bonds are quite often also referred to as surety bonds. The purpose of a bail bond is to have a defendant released from custody via a bail bonds company or bail bonds agent. There may be conditions attached to a defendant’s bail and bail bond which they must adhere to in order to remain free until their court case.

When an individual has been arrested, they will be booked and processed at a nearby law enforcement station. In California, a defendant will usually find out at this stage if they are eligible for bail. The defendant will be permitted to make one phone call for assistance. In the majority of cases, the defendant will call a family member, or even a close friend for assistance with bail, or a bail bond.

As bail amounts in the state of California are so high, most Americans will opt to use a professional bail bonds company such as Walnut Bail Bonds. It is a good idea to mention here, that if you are the person receiving the call from a defendant in custody, gathering certain information will help us to start the release process faster.

Information To Gather:

  • Correct legal name of the defendant

  • Correct date of birth of the defendant

  • Where the defendant is being held in custody

  • What the defendant has been charged with

Walnut Bail Bonds will be able to establish what the bail will by by having this information which in turn will then dictate what the non-refundable bail bond fee will be. Bail bond fees are 10% of the total amount of bail and are mandated by the California Department of Insurance (CDI). No bail bonds company or bail bonds agent should be advertising fees for less.

Once the bail bond fee has been paid and the necessary paperwork completed, our bail bonds company will post bail on behalf of the defendant to secure their release. It is very important to understand that the defendant must adhere to any and all conditions of their bail and/or bail bond. The most important condition is that the defendant makes an appearance at every scheduled court date.

If you or a loved one has been arrested and being held in custody, contact Walnut Bail Bonds immediately on (909) 634-2643. As we are available on a 24/7 basis, we will be available to assist right at the time you need it the most. You can also find an abundance of valuable information by visiting our website.

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